Our Curriculum

We believe an exciting and engaging curriculum is one of the key foundations of any successful school as we want our learners to be highly motivated as we feed that thirst for knowledge and of course provide the opportunities to develop existing skills and discover new ones. Click the links below to view the overviews which show our half termly themes. Within each overview, subjects are categorised as lead, additional or ongoing. The lead subjects are those for which there is a greater emphasis within each theme.

 The additional subjects are those where there is an opportunity for the application of previously learned skills or to develop specific ones that support the theme in a minor way. Finally, there are ongoing elements within each year group which are outlined at the bottom of each yearly overview. Rather than being in a particular term, these are designed to feature throughout the year. Physical Education, Spelling and Handwriting, and E Safety can be found in each year group.

Curriculum Theme Overviews


Lower Key Stage 2

Key Stage One

Upper Key Stage 2

To find out more about the knowledge and skills your child will be focusing on this year, click on the relevant year groups below. This will enable you to support their learning further:

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Click the class links below to view our exciting learning journey

Tiny Treasures





Double Basses

French Horns


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For further information about The National Curriculum click here.

You can also download a free pocket version app of the 2014 Primary National Curriculum.