Welcome to Trumpets!

Welcome to Trumpets Class. We are hardworking bunch of 34 learners supported in our work by Mr Glaister, Mrs Potter, Mrs Ashton and Mrs Cookson. We need to come to school in our P.E. kits  on Tuesdays when we do P.E. with the West Lancs Sports Partnership. On Thursday afternoons we are taught by the wonderful Mrs Higson.

A big thank you to our parents, carers and people from home for helping us with our spellings, reading and Times Tables Rock Stars homework which is set on Fridays.

We know that mistakes happen when we learn and we take a Growth Mindset approach to learning – keep putting in the effort and learning from mistakes and we will succeed! We know the power of the word YET!


Theme learning - History

In our History work, Trumpets have been studying important figures in the slavery liberation movement such as Harriet Tubman, Olaudah Equiano and William Wilberforce. We learned how these brave people stood up and went against the accepted norms of the time to say that slavery was wrong. We learned just how wrong slavery was by using picture and quote sources to learn more about what life as a slave was like. We also brought the impacts of slavery to more modern times by looking at the work of Martin Luther King Jr right up to rappers like will.i.am who are still fighting for equality for black and white people. Currently, we are investigating the removal of statues of slave traders and whether it's right or wrong that they should be torn down. 

Hello Yellow!

Today, Trumpets Class took part in #HelloYellow Mental Health awareness day. We discussed what being mentally healthy means and how we can be mentally healthy. Creatively, we designed our own mental health superheroes with special mental health powers! In yellow of course...

Black History Day

As part of Black History Day, Trumpets learned about the Black Lives Matter movement and what their aims were. We also learned about the difference between being not racist and anti racist and how it is important to respectfully challenge people who are racist. 


Trumpets class were lucky enough to have tennis coaching today! We learned all about accuracy when hitting and keeping an eye on the ball!

Theme 1

Our first theme unit this year is Set Me Free. During this theme we will be looking at the slave trade - both in terms of its history and important geographical locations - focussing on key figures such as Harriet Tubman as well as investigating quilting and the meaning of different patterns. The Knowledge Organiser for this theme is attached below: