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Welcome to Trumpets Class. We are a diverse bunch of 26 learners supported in our work by Mr Glaister and Mrs Cookson. We need our P.E. kits in school on Mondays and Wednesdays. We enjoy French with Mrs Darby on Thursday afternoons too! A big thank you to our parents, carers and people from home for helping us with our spellings, times tables, reading and Times Tables Rock Stars homework which is set on Thursdays. 

We know that mistakes happen when we learn and we take a Growth Mindset approach to learning – keep putting in the effort and learning from mistakes and we will succeed!

 To look at the Key Learning Documents appropriate to our time in Upper Key Stage Two, please click here. To look at our theme map please click here.


World Maths Day

Monday 9th March was World Maths Day at TCP! Mrs Smith lead a brilliant assembly showing us how important Maths is in a variety of careers from engineer to hair dresser to maths teacher! We learned about what could go wrong if you don't know your Maths with two girls ending up with very... interesting hair! In class, we looked at a ratio robbery where we had to work out how much each criminal in a robbery had stolen using ratio and then how many years they would get in prison!

World Book Day

On Thursday 5th March we celebrated World Book Day with a theme of MAGIC! In Trumpets, we focused on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. We watched film clips and listened to extracts from the story. We generated expanded noun phrases to describe dementors, created happiness potions and used the iPads to make a collage of happy memories. We then used these happy memories to focus on our worst fears (just like Professor Lupin does with the Boggart) and used "Expecto patronum" to banish the dementors! Please see below our best costume winner, Olivia, as the sorting hat!

Safer Internet Day 2020

Today, Tuesday 11th February, was Safer Internet Day 2020! In school we had an assembly where we thought about "Identity" and what it meant. We discussed how our offline and online identities can be different; we can choose what to share. We learned that it's important to think carefully about what we share and that sometimes people don't always share the truth about themselves and we need to consider why they might do this. We also learned about Online Reputations and how what we share online can persist and affect us in the future. It is important to develop a positive online reputation and know that we need to treat people online as we would treat them offline. Below are the objectives we covered through the assembly and our tasks in class.


Science - Light

Our Science unit this half term has been Light. We have looked at reflection, refraction and how "white" light is made up of many different colours. We have investigated to prove that light travels in straight lines and have discussed how the human eye works. Fascinating! 

Kandinsky art work

As part of our art work this half term we have been looking at the work of famous artists including Kandinsky. Kandinksy was one of the pioneers of modern abstract art and we have enjoyed using geometric shapes and water colours to create our own Kandinsky art!

Remembrance Week

For this year's Remembrance Week we focused on VE Day. WE discovered that, in Preston, the council forgot to organise the celebrations but thankfully ordinary citizens and businesses got together and a good time was still had by all! We looked at drawing a VE street party using our understanding of perspective and learned that life in postwar Germany was very difficult. We also learned about Pearl Harbour and the nuclear bombing of Nagaski and Hiroshima.

Police e-Safety Visit

This morning Y5 at TCP were visited by two PCSOs who gave a presentation on e-Safety. They discussed rules for staying safe online and making sure the children knew where to go when they had troubles online. They also gave some background into WHY it is important to keep our personal information to ourselves by showing a couple of videos to the children. Thank you to them! 

#HelloYellow Mental Health Awareness Day 2019

Today was #HelloYellow for Mental Health Awareness Day 2019! We began the day with a discussion about mental health; what is it and why is it important? We then created a 12 Days of Happiness advent calendar with positive mental health activities behind each door. Following this, we played bingo! We had to find someone in the class who had done a positive mental health action in the last week. We also considered different situations that may affect our mental health; why would this happen and what can we do about it? Finally, we created a mental health super hero with powers to banish negativity and improve our state of mind!

Trumpets e-Safety Assembly

On Friday 4th October, Trumpets class wowed the school and parents with their assembly on e-Safety! The assembly focused on the positive and negative use of chat apps, using WhatsApp as a popular example. We informed people how WhatsApp can be used in a really good way e.g. letting parents know we'll be late, keeping in touch with family/friends who live far away or cheering someone up. We then showed how WhatsApp can be used in bad ways - making people feel bad about themselves, leaving people out and even bullying. Through poetry, drama and facts we hope we informed parents and the school about how to use technology safely and responsibly. 

Attached below are the resources we used.

TCP Science Day 2019!

Tuesday 10th September was TCP Science Day! We kicked off with an amazing assembly from biomedical scientist Steve from the University of Salford. There was explosions, super cold liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide flowing across the hall - Science Day had truly arrived!

In class we learned about crystals and then donned our protective eye-wear and gloves to mix borax and hot water together. Into this solution we place pipe cleaner Christmas shapes and the borax has now grown crystals on the pipe cleaners! Later, we used microscopes to look up close at items from our local area such as slugs, moss and leaves! We examined salt and sugar crystals using magnifying glasses and then finally made lava lamps using baby oil, water and Alka Seltzer (plus glitter of course). The baby oil and water didn't mix because of their different densities and when the Alka Seltzer was dropped into the water it reacted producing carbon dioxide gas which rose to the top, taking food colouring and glitter with it! At the top it popped so the glitter and food colouring once again dropped down the bottle to start their journey again. What a fun day!