Welcome to Trombones Class!


Welcome to Trombones Class. We are a diverse bunch of 31 learners supported in our work by Mr Glaister and Mrs Cookson. On Mondays we need our swimming kits and on Friday afternoons we need our P.E. kits in school. We enjoy French with Mrs Darby on Tuesday afternoons too! A big thank you to our parents, carers and people from home for helping us with our spellings, times tables, reading and MyMaths homework which is set on Thursdays. 

We know that mistakes happen when we learn and it's ok to make them as long as we learn from them. To look at the Key Learning Documents appropriate to our time in Upper Key Stage Two, please click here. To look at our theme map please click here.


UCLAN Science Festival 2019

Today all Year 5s at TCP were treated to a day at UCLAN Science Festival! We were treated to the glorious weather as well as a talk on "From Plate to Poo" where we learned about the different parts of our digestive system and what is in the food we eat. Following this, we went to the Science Show Floor where we walked into a giant brain, controlled robots, saw in virtual reality, ate bugs and generated electricity! After, we went to a thrilling 3D presentation on roller coasters and how Maths makes them happen; it's all about the curve! Finally we went to see Izzy's Incredible Adventure where we had to put our thinking caps on to help Izzy get a birthday present to her friend overcoming obstacles along the way! The children were very well behaved and thank you to all the adults who accompanied us. 


TCP Maths Day!

Monday 11th March was TCP Maths day! Throughout school we all worked hard on challenges. In Trombones we looked at data about a cyclist who wanted to cycle around the world and we worked out his distances, calorie intake and much much more! After that we looked at our puzzle for the day - is there a link between foot length and the distance between elbow and wrist?? Building on this we investigated links between other body parts. Finally, we put our Maths skills to the test to solve a murder mystery! Would we find out who did it, or would they escape scot free..?

World Book Day!

Thursday 7th March was World Book Day! We all came into school dressed as either our favourite character or a character from our chosen book; Treasure Island! After a catwalk assembly showing off our looks, we began to watch Treasure Island and undertook a Maths task to identify items on a desert island and find a safe way across. You can find the BBC radio clips here. Then we learned about the Whyder - a ship that was taken over by pirates in the 1700s and wrote descriptively to bring to life the storm that eventually wrecked it. We finished off by using our collaging skills to create a wave using mixed media. A fun day! 

Spaceport Trip

On the 14th February all UKS2 classes went on a trip to Spaceport in Liverpool. It was OUT OF THIS WORLD! We were treated to a show in the Space Dome which told us all about the chances of life on other planets, how scientists and astronomers identify likely planets for life and the 'Goldilocks' zone around stars. We also had the chance to launch rockets and win prizes! After a wander around the many exhibits at Spaceport, including a Star Wars section (!) we went on a simulator ride around an alien planet - very exhilarating! Big thanks to our parent helpers and staff at Spaceport for making a very memorable trip.

Safer Internet Day 2019

Today (5th February) was Safer Internet Day 2019! After an assembly lead by Mr Glaister we completed tasks in class. The focus for this year was on permission - what it means, why we should/shouldn't give it, who might ask for it and what the consequences might be. We looked at example, both on and offline, of where organisations or people asked for permission and discussed what we would do in that situation. The children were reminded of how important it is to keep their personal information to themselves and to remember that it's their choice to give that information or not. Briefly, we talked about how GDPR helps to protect us and our personal information. We finished with how important it is to ask for permission and to refuse permission politely when dealing with friends - we may not want that selfie uploading but there's a nice way of saying it! 

The Night Zoo Keeper

On Monday 21st January TCP were lucky enough to have a visit from Paul where we learned all about the Night Zoo Keeper! This is a Sky TV programme based on an online learning platform. Trombones were even luckier as we had a workshop in the afternoon where Paul set us up with logins for the Night Zoo Keeper website where we can design our own characters and write parts of stories. The most exciting part is that the team use pictures and stories designed and written by children in the TV show! We are bringing home a letter that has our username and password for the website on it so we can continue to contribute to this brilliant programme. 



The children in Trombones Class were today very lucky to visit Narnia! We were bussed down to Hesketh Bank Christian Centre (many thanks to the Birkbecks and the drivers!) where we arrived at a train station, then through to a big house and then through a wardrobe... I'll let the pictures tell you the rest! Huge thanks to the people involved with this project - it seriously is amazing!


Enterprise Week kicked off on Monday with a very helpful and informative visit from Mr Birkbeck from GBA who told us all about the skills needed to make a successful business. We also played a board game which ran through the twists and turns of a global supply chain. Leading on from this we brainstormed ideas for our own company settling on the name Trombones All The Way and designed a logo too! We have decided to make two types of baubles - one personalised and for a specific person and the other for general purpose. Today, the creation began...

Mellors Catering

Peeling, slicing and dicing were the order of the day this afternoon! John from Mellors Catering came into school to teach us all about food and cooking. Working together we created a lamb hot pot and a chicken curry inspired with flavours from Sri Lanka. John talked to  us about the local ingredients we were using and the prepping and cooking process before allowing us all a taste. Yummy!

Outdoor and Adventurous

On Thursday 22nd November Trombones Class took part in OAA activities with Mr Taylor. On the back field we used our teamwork, communication and listening skills to solve problems such as ordering or untangling ourselves! Working together, we had to "cross the swamp" using hoops. Later on in the morning we used our problem solving skills and resilience to create dens out of canes, ropes, tarpaulin and anything we could find in the local environment. Please look at our photos to see our wonderful morning!


For Remembrance Week last week Trombones studied the famous War Poets. We analysed their use of figurative language in order to come up with our own war poems. We thought carefully about how horrible it would have been to be part of WWI, WWII or any war that has taken place. 

In our Theme lessons we took on the role of someone who took part in war and wrote letters and diary entries to reflect upon their thoughts and feelings during such a difficult and horrific time in their lives. 

We also made pinwheel poppies using red card and split pins.