Welcome to Tiny Treasures!

The Tiny Treasures are the youngest class in our school. We are a group of 17, three and 4 year old's who love to play and have fun. We learn the most when we are following our own interests and leading our own learning- play is serious business!

In our class you will meet our teacher, Mrs Rowcroft and our wonderful teaching assistants Miss Cowan, Mrs Cookson and Ms Lear.

To find out more about how your child will be assessed during their reception year click here to access the government Development Matters document.  To view our yearly overview, please click here.

Parachute Games

In our first PE lesson, we changed sensibly into our pumps and went to the hall. We were introduced to the parachute and learnt to make waves with it. We also learnt how to make a mushroom. We all had to work as a team to make it work properly. We took turns listening for our name and running underneath the mushroom. Finally, we played a colour game. When our colour was shouted we had to run around as quickly as we could and sit back in our place.

Camp Fire

The children were pretending to build a comp fire in the garden. They were introduced to a wooden camp fire toy that even comes with marshmallows! The children enjoyed toasting and eating their marshmallows. We used this opportunity to talk about fire safety with the children.

Who Needs Toys?

Mr. Upton got some lovely new furniture for his office and kindly gave us the empty cardboard boxes to play with! We have played in the boxes all day long and have had a wonderful time. We have used our problem solving skills to find a way to get in and out of the boxes as our legs aren't quite long enough. We also decided to draw on and decorate our boxes with chalk.

PSHE Jigsaw

In our PSHE lesson, we have been looking at happy and sad feelings. We looked at ourselves in mirrors and made happy and sad faces and also matched photographs to a smiley and sad face. We also spoke about things that make us feel happy at school. Sharing, taking turns and snack time all make us smile!

Hello Yellow

Today, Friday 8th October, we have raised money for young peoples mental health by supporting Hello Yellow. We sang to yellow submarine, danced to Superheroes Unite and listened to the story of Colour Monster. We talked about lots of feelings we can feel and then coloured our own colour monster pictures.

Autumn Sorting

We gathered some Autumn objects from our garden, we found lots of leaves and sticks. We already had some conkers in the classroom so we added those to our collection.

We put everything into a tuff tray and played a matching game. Next, we sorted the items into sets. Finally, we sorted them into smaller sub-sets. We sorted the leaves by colour and the conkers and sticks by size.