Welcome to French Horns!


We are a fantastically friendly class of year fours who love to learn and are always enthusiastic. We love a challenge and we are not afraid to make mistakes. We have a growth mindset and approach everything with an open and positive attitude.

We have an exciting year ahead of us with Mrs Smith, Mrs Moores, Miss Bush and Mrs Nelson. We are very lucky to have specialists to support us with our PE and Music plus and the lovely Mrs Wren to help us with PSHE and French

We are looking forward to our many themes: Sparks Might Fly, Riotous Royalty, Walk Like An Egyptian, Tudor Times and Eurovision.

We are very much looking forward to an exciting and happy year ahead.



Autumn Term


Riotous Royals

Knowledge Organiser

Sparks Might Fly

Our Legend: Guy Fawkes

We have learnt all about Robert Catesby's Gunpowder Plot and Guy 'Guido' Fawkes' role in this treasonous event to overthrow a Protestant king and return a Catholic to the throne.  We learnt of a mysterious letter sent to Lord Monteagle which warned the King of their plan.

In role as Guy, we have written diary entries and we have even created our own TV news report telling the public of the terrible plot.  Take a look:

English - Read, Write, Perform

In English, we have been studying to be a 'wizard's apprentice'.  We have studied the art of writing spells and reached a mastery level when we investigated Shakespeare's three witches from Macbeth. By magpieing ideas from the spells we have studied, plus our own ghoulish imaginations, we have created our very own sorcery spells.  Take a look but be careful that we don't turn you into stone!

Science - Electricity

In science, we have been learning all about electricity including: where it comes from, how to stay safe and how to create circuits.

We have had a lot of fun making our own series circuits and testing whether a circuit is complete. We have also learnt how switches work and made our own, and investigated electrical conductors and insulators.

Design Technology - Electrical Product

We studied a range of electrical games before designing our own electrical quiz boards based on Guy Fawkes and our science unit. 


Thank you to all those people who donated food to this year's harvest festival.  You donated a whooping 199kg of food to the Southport Food Bank!

Knowledge Organiser