Islamic Stories

The children in Bassoons class learnt some stories from the Islamic faith and the rewrote them. They talked about the morals in each story. They also created some information pages with facts about Islam.

A visitor from the Muslim Community

We were visited in school by Mr Anwar. He is a Muslim and talked to us about how it is great living in Lancashire as we get to meet people from lots of different faith communities. He asked us lots of questions about religions and explored the idea that there are lots of similarities between many religions.He also likened us to smarties -different outside but the same on the inside!

Then Mr Anwar visited all the classes.

In EYFS he talked to us about his religion - what he wears and how he prays. It was very interesting.He even taught us how to say the first 6 letters of the Arabicalphabet.



LKS2 have explored what is expected of Muslims following Islam. The children were intrigued to investigate structures that underpin Islamic practice and belief.  Opportunities were provided for pupils to explore the Five Pillars and to link these to the lived faith. Pupils were encouraged to consider the things which may determine their values and behaviour.

UKS2 have examined the status and role of the Qur’an.  Opportunities were provided for the children to consider how the Qur’an supports daily life of Muslims.  The children were encouraged to make links with issues of decision making and guidance in their lives.