Key Stage One- Easter

Double Basses and Cellos really enjoyed their trip to Hesketh Bank Christian Centre. We learned all about the Easter Story and especially the important ways the members of the church show their faith through community support. What a great day we had!

Lower Key Stage Two - Easter

We had such a great time at Hesketh Bank Christian Centre bringing the Easter Story to life. We even had the opportunity to interview the main characters whilst eating biscuits! A huge thank you to Linda Hawksley and the team and also to our lovely parents who joined in with the activities.


We were very lucky and got to go to visit Hesketh Bank Christian Centre to learn about the Easter story.  We helped to act out the story by being disciples and guards; joining in with the last supper,praying in the garden and putting Jesus in jail and then in the tomb.

We also played some games, coloured pictures and had a drink and a biscuit.  What a lovely way to learn about Easter.


Church - Special Places

In EYFS we talked about how church is a special place for Christians to go to worship God.  We thought about what makes them special and then thought of words to describe them such as peaceful, beautiful, comfy and fun.  We then made our own special places.

UKS2 have explored the Easter story and what it teaches Christians about what Jesus was like (a human who suffered and being brought back to life then taken up to heaven). They looked for clues in the Bible about Jesus's nature - examining the belief that Jesus is the perfect expression of God.

Piccolos and French Horns visit to Holy Trinity Church

LKS2 visited Holy Trinity Church in Tarleton to learn more about the church building, the ceremonies that take place there and specifically what happens in the church at Easter time.  

French Horns also led a whole school assembly to tell the Easter story. Parents were invited to come along. Please see French Horns class page for further details and photographs. 

Foundation Stage visit to All Saints Church

Foundation Stage visited All Saints church as part of their work on Easter and the theme of 'love'.  Reverend Dave told us that Christians believe that we should love all people and that was the message that Jesus brought.  He also told us that Jesus died so that we could experience His love.

KS1 have visited the Christian Fellowship Church

to learn about Easter

Christian Fellowship visit 14.3.18

In Foundation stage we have been learning about the nativity story.  We have performed our own nativity and also talked about the giving and receiving of gifts.  We know that Christians believe that Christmas is to remind us of Jesus being given as a gift from God, and also Jesus giving us all the gift of love.



LKS2 have examined the Christian belief in a creator god who is active in the world redeeming it. The focus is on the use of light to indicate the presence and qualities of God incarnate in Jesus.  Pupils are encouraged to make links between the imagery and symbolism of light in the Christian context and significant events in their lives.


UKS2 have explored what different kind of writings and story are important to Christians. They have been Bible detectives and compared the Christmas stories in the gospels of Luke and Matthew. They have talked about the idea of the humanity and divinity of Jesus and understand Jesus is for everyone.