Mr C Upton              Senior Leadership Team
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs J Higson Senior Leadership Team

EYFS/KS1 & Reception (Violins): inc Tiny Treasures

Mrs A Walmsley Senior Leadership Team
KS2 Leader & Year 6 (Xylophones): Mrs M Smith Senior Leadership Team
Behaviour Leader & Year 5 (Trombones): Mr CJ Glaister Senior Leadership Team
Reception (Violas): Mrs P Russmann
Year 1  (Cellos): Mrs Z Marshall
Year 1 & 2 (Double Basses):  Mrs B Bruzzese
Year 3 (Bassoons): Miss L Topping
Year 3 (Piccolos): Mrs J Smith
Year 4 (French Horns): Mrs E Parkinson
Year 5 & 6 (Trumpets): Mrs N Forder



Learning and Teaching Assistants:

Mrs K Biltcliffe Miss J Latham
Mrs G Wright Mrs J McCallum
Mrs S Bridge Mrs M Moores
Mrs W Brown Mrs P Nelson
Mrs M Charnock Mrs S Ng
Mrs N Cookson Mrs L Potter
Mrs S Cookson Mrs H Rowcroft
Mrs S Edwards Mrs L Taylor
Miss C Iddon Miss B Webster
Mrs P Lear Mrs H Rowcroft ( Tiny Treasures)


Site Supervisor:

Mr N Johnson




Miss A Holt

Mrs P Nelson


Learning Mentor:

Mrs T Wren


School Office:

Mrs G Jones Mrs G Fairbrother



Welfare Assistants:

Mrs P Billington Miss A Holt Mrs P Nelson

Mrs S Cookson Mid day Supervisor

Miss C Iddon

Mrs K Holmes

Mrs S Saville




School Cook:

Mrs J Wright


The Club House @ TCP Staff:

Miss A Woollam, Supervisor Mrs P Nelson
Mrs P Lear Mrs L Potter
Mrs J Van Dijk Mrs T Wren

Miss C Iddon

Mrs T Wren

Miss E Fellows

Mrs H Rowcroft

Miss C Radcliffe