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We are an enthusiastic, hard working and resilient class who are really proud of being role models for the rest of the school.  We all have a prefect job during the year which helps the school run smoothly and we like nothing more than helping the younger children.  We are keen to take on the challenge of year six and develop our skills so we are ready for high school. 

This year our teacher is Mrs M Smith, other adults who work with our year six team are Mrs Bradley,  Mrs Knowles, Mrs Nelson, Mrs Ng, Miss Iddon, Mrs Cookson and Mrs Edwards.


Our themes for this year include: Survival, Britten's got talent, Heroes and Villains, Super Sleuth, and, Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside.


We start the week with swimming lessons at Tarleton Academy on Monday mornings; we are perfecting our strokes and learning vital water safety skills.  


We have an exciting October ahead when many of us will be attending our yearly residential trip to France.  Whilst there, we will visit World War I battlefields, sample some French cuisine, visit a snail farm and boulangerie and converse with the locals.


We are looking forward to a truly successful year and know that with support from our parents with reading, spellings, times table practice and MyMaths, we will all be able to achieve our full potential.


We hope you enjoy sharing our learning journey!



Our theme for dance is the Haka, you may have seen this performed by the New Zealand rugby team before matches.  By studying videos, we were able to identify some key components of the dance and have begun to choreograph our own version.  As part of our class performance, group dances have been created, watch this space for our final dance.



Shakespeare has come to TCP and we are loving learning the story of Macbeth.  We have acted using Shakespeare's script and have written letters in role as Macbeth to Lady Macbeth telling her of the witches' prophecies.


Our focus is on the circulatory system in science.  Using stethoscopes and stopwatches, or just our fingers, we have measured each others' heart rates and investigated recovery rates after exercise. 

In DT, healthy eating is our focus and Mellors, who provide our school dinners, are coming in to help.




During Enterprise Week we set up our own business called Seasonal Snot! to make products for the school Christmas Fair.

We chose two products to sell: seasonal snot (slime) and handmade gift bags.

We evaluated many different slime recipes to find the perfect slime.  We designed packaging and recycled packaging from snack time to be eco-friendly.  We advertised our product and in fact, we did such a good job, it sold out in 10 minutes!

We practised and perfected our gift bag making skills and sold all our bags!

Obviously, we wanted to make a profit so we carefully costed each item and we then shopped around for the best prices.  We completed customer surveys to establish the price people were willing to pay and this allowed us to make a whopping profit of £125!

We even had a human fruit machine to earn extra money.

THEME- Science

In our science lessons with Mrs Ng, we have been learning about light. We modelled how light travels in straight lines and allows us to see objects. We have investigated reflection and refraction. Not satisfied with knowing that refraction happens, we did our own human demonstration to explain how it happens. We acted as a ray of light slowing down through a medium that was more dense. The human eye has many parts that we can name and whose function we can describe. Did you know that our shadows have a bluish tinge on a sunny, cloud-free day? Ask us to explain why. Finally, we considered colour in the visible spectrum. Experiments with colour filters were conducted in our class and we drew conclusions about how objects appear to be certain colours. We're looking forward to more science next term... and so is Mrs Ng!
THEME - Music and English
We have been studying pop artists including Benjamin Britten (a pop star of his time) and modern day favourites.
Within English, we studied song lyrics and figurative language.  We enjoyed it so much we adapted some well-known songs with our own lyrics and performed to the class.

THEME - Art Kandinsky

Linking to our music and graphic scores, we have looked at the work of Kandinsky.  He is well known for his bright geometric shapes and patterns sometimes inspired by music.  After listening to 'Clair de Lune', we composed and sketched our own interpretation of the music in the style of Kandinsky.  We used watercolour paint to enhance our composition.  Take a look at what we have achieved, we're really proud.


We have spent a fascinating week understanding more about World War One. 

  • We investigated how the war began and produced TV news reports of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
  • We learnt about the conditions of the trenches and why so many young men joined up when they were under-aged.
  • We wrote letters home and diary entries describing what it was like fighting on the front line and even learnt about the Christmas Day truce of 1914.
  • We recorded our thoughts about what we had learnt through poetry.
  • We read the story of two young men during the war.


During anti-bullying week we have been finding out about how to keep safe online, what cyber-bullying is and how to report it.  We presented all we had learnt in a special assembly for our parents and the whole school.


Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Each Thursday we work hard to improve our growth mindset and resilience.  We work in groups each week to complete missions which test our communication skills, problems solving, determination and ambition.  

WEEK 1 - Shelters to keep us warm and dry.

WEEK 2 - A strong platform which would support our weight and keep us off the ground.

WEEK 3 - Catapults.

WEEK 4 - A bridge.

WEEK 5 - A reindeer.

WEEK 6 - Orienteering.


Our topic this half term is survival.  We have been learning about the amazing work of Charles Darwin and Mary Anning. We've even written Charles Darwin's biography.



In our theme lessons, we have been learning all about natural selection and 'survival of the fittest'.  We took part in a bird beak buffet - we each had a different type of beak and had to collect a variety of food.  We discussed which beaks were suited to which food and who was most likely to survive.  We even designed our own beaks and considered the design of bird's legs!


Dance through the ages

As part of our theme lessons, Mrs Ng taught us some iconic dance moves from the 1920s to the present day. It was an evolution of dance! As a class, and in smaller groups, we choreographed and performed: the Charleston; the twist and the jive; John Travolta-style disco dancing; the Macarena; the Tragedy dance by the band 'Steps'; and we finished with some dabbing (Will.I.Am style!)

Which dance do you think we're doing in this photo? 




 We have had a fantastic day at Blackpool Zoo.  We had a chance to view many different species in a variety of environments.  We came face to face with meerkats, gorillas and orangutans and we even touched a tenrec.

During our workshop about 'Animal Ancestry', we learnt more about variation between species. We even touched genuine animal artefacts: we felt the weight of a giraffe's leg bone and an elephant's tooth; felt the texture of an elephant's foot and a tiger's coat; and got close up to some amazing feathers!

What we will be learning to do this year?

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