Welcome to Tiny Treasures


Tiny Treasures is our Nursery group of children. 

Our teachers are Mrs Walmsley and Mrs Russmann and our teaching assistants are Mrs McCallum, Mrs Rowcroft and Mrs Cookson.

We love to play and learn.

Right Royal Wedding Week!

This week we are enjoying learning all about the upcoming Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  We have been planning a party, making cards, designing a castle and thinking about who we'd like to marry. We ended the week with a Royal Stay and Play Party, to which we invited our grown ups.  We had a super time, eating cakes, dancing and playing.

Creating Cakes!

We read the story of Kipper's Birthday and then decided to make some tasty cakes of our own.  We had fun following the recipe, measuring and weighing the ingredients and the best bit...eating them!

Brilliant Bees!

We had a visit from Abigail from The Tree Bee society.  She told us all about bees, we tasted honey and saw bees in a special hive.

We learned that male bees are tidier than females; all the bees have different jobs; bees die when they sting you; it takes two years for a hive to produce honey; the queen bee is bigger than the other bees; she can lay 2000 eggs a day and worker bees live for only 4 weeks.

We also got an opportunity to dress up as a beekeeper.


A very wet day

Goodness me it rained and rained and rained but that didn't stop us having fun. We put on our waterproofs and enjoyed the water. We even floated boats in a massive puddle!


Fun with guttering.

We worked together as a team to make channels with the guttering and then we rolled things down the pipes. We were a great team and had lots of fun.

Parachute fun.

We got out our parachute and worked together to play parachute games. It was quite tricky keeping the parachute in the air while people ran under it. Some of our friends from the reception class helped us play.

Hoppy Easter!

We were very lucky in Foundation Stage because the Easter Bunny came to visit and brought with him lots of eggs!  He hid them all around our play area and we had great fun searching for them all.  Then we got to share them out fairly between us.

Sport Relief 2018

In school we have been raising money for Sport relief.  We came to school in our sports clothes and took part in some fun races in our house teams.  We did running, throwing, bouncing and balancing races.

Stay and Play

Today (20th March) our parents came to visit us for a "Stay and Play" session.We had great fun showing our parents all around the classroom. We even made Easter cakes for our parents to enjoy.

World Maths Day

We had great fun on World Maths day playing bingo, going on a shape hunt around school and following a maths trail with our mums and dads.

Gingerbread Man

We read the story of the Gingerbread Man and made our own gingerbread men. We baked them and decorated them and ate them just like the fox.

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day we came to school dressed as characters from David Walliams books. We listened to lots of stories written by David Walliams.

Fun in the Snow

On 27th Feb we had great fun playing in the snow.

The Gingerbread Man

We listened to the story of the Gingerbread man and made our own gingerbread men. Then we were like the fox and we ate our gingerbread men.

Snack time

We enjoy our snack time at school. We get to choose from lots of lovely things to eat like - malt loaf, crackers, apples, oranges, watermelon, yoghurt, cheese and raisins.

Exploring the great outdoors!

The Tiny Treasures have been having great fun exploring our outdoor area.  We have seen great examples of teamwork, imagination and mark making.


We have been exploring our nursery and playing with lots of exciting toys and on the large whiteboard. We have a lovely big outside area to run around in and lots of toys in the classroom.

Puddle Fun

On rainy days we like to put on our waterproofs and wellies and splash in the puddles.


We wanted to find out which things in our setting were magnetic so we got the magnetic wands out of our investigations box and used them to test things in our outdoor area. We found lots of things that were magnetic.