Double Basses


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Welcome to the Double Basses class!

We are a mixed class of 27 Year 1 and Year 2 children who enjoy every opportunity to work and play together. We share a classroom with Mrs Bruzzese, Mrs Wright and Milly the goldfish, who likes to watch us learn. Our P.E lessons are on Wednesday and Friday so we need to make sure that our P.E kit is in school on these days. On Thursday afternoon Mrs Bruzzese lends us to Mrs Wright and Mrs Bridge for the afternoon and we learn about ourselves and working together. As a part of our Thursday work we can bring something along for Show and Tell. We need to bring something which is important to us or special so that we can stand up and talk about it to our friends. This really helps us to practice our speaking and listening skills. 

We try to read a few pages of our books every night so that we can become 'Super Readers!' and change our books ourselves when we have finished them. Our spelling and number homework is given out on a Friday and we have our spelling test on Friday morning each week. 

We have an exciting year ahead and we look forward to learning lots of new things...

Learning about Autumn...

We went outside to find out all about how the world changes in Autumn. We found out that the leaves change to red, orange, yellow and brown and fall off some of the trees. We even found some mushrooms!

Autumn 1 Theme - Penguins, Possums and Pigs...

This half term we will be learning about animals, the seven continents and five oceans and lots of art work. We are going to visit Blackpool Zoo to learn about animals- we really can't wait!

We have been learning all about animal body parts. As a part of our work we created animals using playdough which we described and labelled. We hope you like our creations!

We have sorted animals using different criteria including by what they eat. We have learned that some animals are carnivores, some are herbivores and some are omnivores. We linked our Science learning to Maths and Year 1 created a Venn diagram to show what we have learned.


Learning to write letters using our new school handwriting...

We have begun to follow a new handwriting scheme which teaches us to form cursive or joined up letters. It is called Letter-Join and we really enjoy our daily handwriting. Look at us learning to write the letter 'c'!


Writing non-fiction texts...

We have been learning facts about an animal and have now become experts in Penguins, Possums and Pigs. Today we used our knowledge to create a fact sheet written on our chosen animal. We are so proud of our work that we wanted to show you all! We hope you like it!

Our Visit To Blackpool Zoo...

We visited Blackpool Zoo to learn more about the animals that we have been learning about.

We saw lots of amazing animals and found out more about some of the animals in our work.

During our visit we had a lesson called Penguins, Possums, Pigs and Puffy where we got to show just how much we had learned. The lady teaching us was very surprised when she asked what we knew and some of our facts included ' There are 23 species of Possum in Australia' and 'Pigs have small lungs!' She thought that we were very clever indeed and Mrs Bruzzese was incredibly proud of us all!