In Foundation stage we have been learning about the nativity story.  We have performed our own nativity and also talked about the giving and receiving of gifts.  We know that Christians believe that Christmas is to remind us of Jesus being given as a gift from God, and also Jesus giving us all the gift of love.


LKS2 have examined the Christian belief in a creator god who is active in the world redeeming it. The focus is on the use of light to indicate the presence and qualities of God incarnate in Jesus.  Pupils are encouraged to make links between the imagery and symbolism of light in the Christian context and significant events in their lives.


UKS2 have explored what different kind of writings and story are important to Christians. They have been Bible detectives and compared the Christmas stories in the gospels of Luke and Matthew. They have talked about the idea of the humanity and divinity of Jesus and understand Jesus is for everyone.